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Track: S03

1 minutes
April 19, 2020


Truth speaks to you in silence, it's the only place you can hear it.

A long time ago somone gave me a little piece of cardboard with a quote on it. Sometime in the last year, this little reminder was lost. For some reason or another, I made this little track today to commemorate and share what influenced the me of today.

For reference, the angelfire page with the original text.

Artistic Commentary

Nothing really special here. Just me playing a riff on an acoustic guitar with nearly no regard for sound quality or striving for perfect playing. Simple background for texture.

A second recording of my voice reading the quote was used for the vocal track.


Again, very low-effort day. Simple Ableton two-track composition with some plugins to cleanup the vocals (Nectar 3) and music (Ozone 8 Elements).