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Track: S02

2 minutes
July 15, 2018

Code Drop [feat. McKenna] (Original Mix)

Terence is saying that "Everything is Code"...

… and this is a very interesting proposition, the idea that language regulates one’s ability to even “think” - let alone “do”.

To have a limited vocabulary, in any language, limits what can even be thought of because one lacks the words to describe the idea. Now, “words” themselves are also not as simple as it may seem. A “word” in terms of one “thinking” any thing is really a frame of reference and every thing is built upon other frames of reference.

It’s turtles all the way down.

Artistic Commentary

I found the lecture from Terence McKenna to be so inspirational that I simply could not resist the compulsion to make this track. I had created most of the melody and track structure before discovering the lecture and immediately felt “wow this sounds like it needs backing music!”

The track itself was made in Ableton Live with a dash of Serum for the wobbles, Cthulhu for melody and a whole lotta “what did I just click? sounds great! leave whatever you touched alone!”


Once the track was made, I shared it with my friend Magz who’s pretty good with everything A/V related, he liked it and together we worked out a simple music video.

The animated backgrounds used in the video are in fact clips of video taken from the Electric Sheep screensaver. If you’ve never seen it in action, I’d highly recommend it for the psychedelically-minded individuals out there. To get these clips, I didn’t just “steal” them, I emailed the Electric Sheep project creator and kindly asked permission and to my pleasant surprise permission was granted and there was much joy in my heart.