One State DJ

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One State DJ is the entertainment persona of Kevin C. Krinke, the means for him to produce music tracks and share his continuous mix sessions.

Perfecting the Practice

These continuous mix sessions are made available via the Mixcloud streaming service. One can find all of these at the One State DJ mixcloud page.

Typically these sessions will be mixed at either 122 BPM or 133 BPM. Why these values? That’s an interesting question. The 122 BPM has been found by One State DJ to be conducive to a good dancing groove for a wide audience. The 133 BPM however is a little more profound, at 133 BPM One State DJ has found that this is very complimentary to strenuous physical or mental activities.

These mixes are intended to create a sort of flow-state for Kevin C. Krinke when working or when travelling around town.

Works of Progress

The “Works of Progress” tracks are an ad-hoc-will-never-be-finished project. As new tracks are polished up for the public domain, they’ll be released here and always for free.

Sometimes there will be YouTube videos, other times not.

The theme of this project is simply the title’s premise: works of progress.

As One State DJ learns new skills with Digital Audio Workstations, practices what’s been learned and so on, these bits and pieces sometimes evolve into full tracks and that’s when things become worthy of giving away.

Contact, Feedback

The best way to contact One State DJ is on Twitter.

One State DJ is a licensed to perform in Canada and calls Toronto home. Online and offline performances can be booked as schedule permits.